The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

VWCCS’s Response

VWCCS applauds the Federal Government for implementing the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Commission).

VWCCS looks to the Royal Commission to bring to account institutions which have contributed to the ongoing sexual abuse of children through years of obfuscation, deception, and denial in protecting perpetrators of childhood sexual abuse.

VWCCS acknowledges that the inquiry into such shocking abuse of children will not necessarily bring justice and peace of mind to all survivors of such heinous crimes.

VWCCS also acknowledges that not every survivor will wish to come forward and write a submission and/or tell their story to Commissioners either privately or provide testimony in public hearings. VWCCS acknowledges the significant challenge for many survivors in confronting their trauma and recounting the crime/s perpetrated against them. Many may decide that at this point in time it is not something they choose to do. VWCCS acknowledges and respects the wish of every survivor to choose their own path and their right to privacy.

However, for those of you who have carefully considered the options and wish to tell your story, either in a private meeting with one or two of the Commissioners, or in a public hearing, VWCCS can offer you support and assistance in the Sydney and Parramatta metropolitan areas as well as the country regions of Orange and Bathurst in the Central West of New South Wales.

What will VWCCS do for you?

VWCCS’s experienced court support volunteers will:

  • explain to you your rights
  • assist you to write your submission and / or letters to the Commissioner/s
  • explain any legal words/process you don’t understand

If you wish, a VWCCS Volunteer will support and accompany you:

  • to a private hearing you may have with the Commissioner/s
  • to any meetings relating to the Royal Commission
  • throughout any public hearings of the Royal Commission in which you are involved
  • to any legal conferences and court hearings if criminal charges are to be laid by the Police
  • to any legal conferences and civil court hearings conducted by a legal representative on your behalf

Royal Commission News

14 August 2013…

The Royal Commission will hold a week-long public hearing in Sydney, commencing Monday 16th September. An official media release with further details is available for download below.
Download media release (PDF) >>

6 June 2013…

An advertisement was published in several major papers by the Royal Commission providing information about the Private Sessions, how individuals can participate, and how to contact the Commission.
Download media release (PDF) >>

6 May 2013…

Private sessions commenced in Sydney on the 7th May with details of private sessions in other states to be released soon.
Read the full media release on the official Royal Commission site…
Read media release >>




VWCCS operates at several courts in NSW in Sydney, Orange, and Bathurst.  We can also assist at other NSW courts on request.

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