Information for Victims and Witnesses

We provide a free court support service to any victim or police witness of crime.

We can explain your role and rights as a police witness.

We can be there with you in court...

while you are giving evidence and during any related conferences.

We can assist you to complete a Victim Impact Statement.

We can inform you...

about other support and compensation that may be available to you.

What Can VWCCS Do for Victims and Witnesses of Crime?

VWCCS supports victims and witnesses of crime who are required to testify at court as police witnesses.  Our role is to help you through the sometimes daunting process of giving evidence in court so you feel more confident and better informed. We can help demystify court procedures and legal terminology and can be with you in court while you are giving evidence, if you wish us to do so.

VWCCS Court Support Officers (CSO) can:

  • Explain to you the role of a police witness and the court process.
  • Inform you of your rights under the Charter of Victims Rights.
  • Accompany and support you during any conferences relating to the crime.
  • Explain legal terminology.
  • Liaise with the prosecutor and police.
  • Explain to you the serious consequences of contamination of evidence.
  • Meet you at court and accompany you to a safe room.
  • Be with you, if you wish, whilst you are giving evidence.
  • Continue to support and assist you if the matter is adjourned and listed for another hearing date.
  • Remain with you if you wish to stay in Court after you have given evidence.
  • Explain and, if you wish, assist with your Victim Impact Statement.
  • Provide information about services that provide free counselling, compensation and other support.

What Can VWCCS NOT Do?

We cannot:

  • Give legal advice.
  • Discuss evidence with you before or during the hearing or between breaks or adjournments.
  • Assist you to give evidence.
  • Take notes in court.
  • Speak during the Court hearing unless the Judge or Magistrate asks the volunteer a question.


VWCCS has a permanent presence at several NSW courts in Sydney, Bathurst, and Newcastle. We can also assist witnesses at other locations if advised beforehand.

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“Thank you so much for taking the time to talk me through the whole court process – it was very helpful & has gone a long way to making me feel calmer & more confident…”

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You can visit the VWCCS Reception and Information desk at the Downing Centre Courts (Sydney) or Parramatta Local, Childrens and District Courts. You can also contact us via phone, email, or by completing a contact form on this website.

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