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Helping achieve better outcomes...

by assisting victims and witnesses of crime throughout their time at court.

Our role is to prepare and assist police witnesses giving evidence at criminal hearings, so more positive outcomes can be achieved for both the Prosecution and their witnesses.

What Can VWCCS Do For Agencies?

VWCCS accepts referrals from various victims of crime agencies including police, prosecutors, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), organisations supporting victims of domestic violence (male and female), social workers and the general public.

We work with clients involved in criminal hearings held under the State jurisdiction of the Local, District, Supreme, Children’s and Coroners’ Courts of New South Wales, as well as criminal matters held under the Commonwealth jurisdiction.

To refer a client to VWCCS, telephone or email us. See Contact Us for details.

What Can VWCCS Do For Victims & Witnesses?
Our job is to be at court to support and assist victims and witnesses of crime who have been required to attend court by the police.

This might be as simple as providing someone with directions on how to locate their court or where to meet their Officer In Charge. For some witnesses, it can involve a lot more.

We can:

  • Explain the court process, legal terminology and the role of the Prosecution witness.
  • Provide information about victims’ rights under the Charter of Victims Rights.
  • Meet them at the Court and accompany them to one of the safe rooms VWCCS administers
  • Liaise on behalf of the client with the Prosecutor and Police.
  • Explain the serious consequences of discussing their evidence outside the Courtroom.
  • Continue to provide support if the matter is adjourned and listed for another hearing date.
  • Accompany them to any conferences related to the crime.
  • Accompany them to the courtroom, then remain with clients if they wish to stay in Court after they have given evidence, or until the defendant has left the court.
  • Assist victims with their Victim Impact Statement.
  • Provide information on services that may be able to assist with free counselling, compensation and other support.
What We Don't Do
VWCCS is not able to:

  • Give legal advice.
  • Discuss evidence with a witness or assist with giving evidence.
  • Take notes in court.
  • Speak during the court hearing, unless asked a question by the Judge or Magistrate.
  • Fill in witness compensation and expense reimbursement forms.
About Our Volunteers
VWCCS volunteers has approximately 140 volunteers.

All our volunteers have:

  • A NSW Working With Children Check – Volunteer Declaration
  • A signed acknowledgement of VWCCS Policies and Procedures

Prior to commencing as a Court Support Officer  all volunteers complete a comprehensive induction and training program, including formal training, court observation and reflection, then court support work under the supervision of an experienced volunteer.

All volunteers are also offered at least four refresher training days a year. Court Support Officers  must attend at least two of these days.

Volunteers can access formal debriefing as required.


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VWCCS has a permanent presence at several NSW courts in Sydney, Bathurst, and Newcastle. We can also assist witnesses at other locations if advised beforehand.

See the courts where VWCCS operates


“Thank you so much for taking the time to talk me through the whole court process – it was very helpful & has gone a long way to making me feel calmer & more confident…”

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You can visit the VWCCS help desk at the Downing Centre Courts (Sydney), contact us via phone, email, or by completing a contact form on this website.

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